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A Tale of 2 states!

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Love between two states. You read that right, it was time again for us to document a beautiful love story between Keerthi and Mahak. Keerthi was from Chennai and Mahak was from Panipat and the universe decided to bring their paths together. Ever since then, the couple nurtured the relationship brick by brick every year and took the decision to make it official.

Love certainly has no language, and we were amazed at how the families got along beautifully, without language being a hindrance. On both sides of the family two things were evident, the happiness they felt and the love they showed for the couple. When we then came to know the hardships that the couple had to face to get to this stage, man, we were just amazed. Life is a roller-coaster, and love, well it’s the seat belt that lets us enjoy ride. Keerthi and Mahak’s love for each other is what made the ride worth every second of it.

Dance, music, joy, love and a whole lot of photographs. That is how the reception on the first day looked like. The dance floor was just on fire with all the age groups grooving to their favorite beats. On the second day, the wedding was truly a testament of patience and perseverance. The years it took for the couple to be on that stage, and blessed by their families and friends as they got wedded, was absolutely a moving experience to be a part of. We as wedding photographers, feel so grateful to be a part of such soulful stories and document it for them, forever.

- Ela

Wedding film: @narayanaswamy.subbaraman, Hayagreev

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