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Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Wedding with a mix of two religions. Yes, a Brahmin Bride was all set to tie knot with a Christian Groom. Anuraag and Anu Radha’s wedding was a spectacle of love, emotions, surprise visits and filled with soulful songs. The wedding happened in traditional Iyengar style and boy, it was heartwarming to witness the proceedings right in center of all the vibrant chaos, and capturing those timeless moments was simply ecstatic.  

The kids dancing away in joy along with the couple, the couple taking time off the podium and talking to the elders as they received their blessings, rituals fused with vibrant moments as everyone were doing it so happily, a few family members and friends deciding to sing for the couple are just a few things to name, in what was a memorable day for all present there. The time came when the two of them were going to be hitched forever and it was a soulful moment to savor as the groom tied the knot with the love of his life sitting on her father’s lap.

Isn’t that what weddings are all about? A display of love, laughter, excitement, few happy tears and a whole lot of heartfelt blessings for the next path in life. One beautiful moment in this wedding that we personally cannot forget is when a childhood friend of the bride’s mother surprised everyone by attending the wedding. It was not just an emotional reunion for them, but for everyone who witnessed the peaking emotions. This is why we love weddings, not one single wedding is 'just another day at work' for us. Every beautiful association of two souls that we witness leaves our heart aching for more.  Being a part of this beautiful experience and bringing that experience to life through our images, what more gratification could want in their life? 

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