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Difference between Traditional Photography and Candid Photography

Photography has always been an integral part of weddings. Most of the couples that married after a camera was invented, would have at least one photo that carries their wedding day memory if not for many photos. How beautiful is it that the couples safeguard their photos and share their priceless memories with their kids and grand kids? How mind-blowing is it that one photograph and the story it carries would have become a part of their kids and grand kids memory? That is what a photograph can do to our memories. It keeps the stories eternal. It immortalizes a moment in history.

Wedding Photography is completely different from Wedding Videography. It has completely different skill sets, unique creativity, different gear and a completely different post processing workflow when compared to wedding videography. It is important to keep in mind that before you book your wedding photographer in Chennai or in any other city, there may be dozens of teams specializing only in wedding photography or only in wedding videography. Sometimes teams can specialize and provide you both these services. So it is important that you as a bride or groom go through their portfolio and choose the right fit for your wedding.

The three different types to photography are (please note that this is a classification based on our understanding of it, and these may not be standard with all the wedding photographers)

  • Traditional Photography

  • Candid Photography

  • Documentary / Storytelling


Traditional Photography:

As the name suggests, traditional photography takes a conventional approach to documenting a wedding. Simple put, traditional photography covers a wedding in its entirety. From covering the intro shots of the venue, the decor and its paraphernalia, to covering all the wedding rituals and finally the group photos that happen at the end.

The traditional photography will give you a full picture of what happened and who attended your wedding in a chronological order. The traditional photographer ensures that everything and everyone is properly documented, in order to do so he can sometimes ask the couple or the guests to pose for a photograph, as opposed to an unobtrusive, candid approach.


Candid Photography:

Candid photography is a distinctive and spontaneous approach to covering a wedding. The candid photographers not only ensure that the rituals or the event is documented, they also look out for creative/cinematic angles to document a moment, capturing the emotions that unravel in the moment, and they are the ones that create artsy, fun and unprompted wedding portraits of you and your loved one that remains an aesthetically pleasing remembrance for lifetimes to come.

Since their craft involves looking for a creative touch to the photographs they make, they are at times prone to missing out on certain non-essential moments, making it unsuitable at times for them to work alone. For best results, it is often suggested to pair a Candid Photographer with a secondary photographer. Most of the candid photographers would ensure that they are unobtrusive and cover the events that unfold as real and authentic as possible.


Documentary / Storytelling:

What do we mean by story telling? When you receive the photos from your wedding photographers, they would convey the honest and meaningful stories that happened during your wedding, almost taking you back to that very moment. It draws inspiration from a variety of photography genres like street photography, photo journalism, etc. They are pictures which haven't been posed or majorly edited by the photographer. Each photo/ a series of photos would be an interesting interpretation of the photographer’s perspective of the happenings. A key element of how your story is documented depends on how creative and impulsive your wedding photographers can be, and the bond they share with the couple and the family.

To summarize, this is what you can expect with documentative approach -

  • Real, authentic and meaningful pictures that will make you laugh, tear up (or giggle in embarrassment)

  • Enjoying your special day with family & friends without being constantly pulled away for never-ending photo-sessions

  • You recall exact conversations just by looking at the pictures

Choose wisely

We hope that the above explained approaches to wedding photography would have given an idea for you to know which one is your cup of tea. Weddings are a display of pure love and bliss. There is magic to it and the essence of that magic is etched forever by the photographers and the videographers you choose. Regardless of what approach you’d like to have for your wedding, communication with your wedding photographers is the most important factor, that will help you to co-create memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. It is important to choose a team who is passionate and will work their hearts out to give you an unforgettable memory of your wedding Talking about a passionate team, look no further. Write to us or contact us for any queries. Stay safe and happy choosing.

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