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Difference between Traditional Videography and Candid Videography

Your wedding video is your memory of your wedding that is timeless and will last for generations to come. Imagine sitting down with your children and reliving your wedding day, or even better, imagine sitting down with your grand kids and watching your wedding video. It’s just so beautiful right? And that’s why it’s important for you to know the different types of wedding videos that your best wedding photographer or videographer in your city can offer for you.

Videography is completely different from photography. It has its own skill sets, different audio and video equipment, different cameras and completely different post processing phase when compared to photography. Heads up if you see a significant difference in the pricing you receive from your photographer or videographer. Also it is important to keep in mind that before you book your wedding photographer, there may be teams specializing only in wedding photography or only in wedding videography. Sometimes teams can specialize and provide you both the services. So it is important that you as a bride or groom go through their works and choose your right fit.

The three different types of videography are (please note that this is our classification of it, and these may not be standard with all the wedding videographers)

  • Traditional Video

  • Candid Video

  • Wedding Film

Traditional Video:

As the name suggests is a very conventional approach to documenting your wedding. This form of videography has been prevalent for decades in weddings and we do not see them vanishing for many more decades to come. It is fair to say that the now popular approach of candid videography in weddings evolved from traditional videography.

The traditional videography captures your wedding in entirety. You can view all the rituals that took place in your wedding from the beginning to the end, all the people that came on to the stage to greet and take a picture with you, coverage of the crowd in the hall and the dining space. The duration of traditional video ranges anywhere between 1 to 3 hours. It usually depends on the number of events you have and the number of people that show up.

Generally a traditional video with a longer duration will have a good background music to accompany the visuals and will have interesting title cards in the beginning and in the end. We wouldn’t say that the scope of creativity in a traditional video is minimal. It all depends on what you’d like to see in your video and how well your wedding photographer can edit the footage for you.

Candid Video:

A candid video is a creative form of wedding videography. The equipment and the process of shooting a candid video is entirely different from traditional videography. Here the videographers would focus mainly on the key moments happening in your wedding and will not shoot everything from the beginning till the end like a traditional videography. More focus will be given to the candid moments of the couple, their family and friends. The shooting style will consist of cinematic and creative angles, rather than the static version of a traditional video which will focus on covering the rituals and the people on stage properly.

Apart from covering the wedding rituals and the people that showed up for your wedding, the candid videographer will team up with the candid photographers to shoot your getting ready session, couple and individual shoots before and after the wedding. Just like how photographers focus on portraits, candid videographers will focus on working with the couple by posing them and directing them for the video. The idea is to be as creative and cinematic as possible.

The end result would be a combination of what happened during the wedding along with these creative cinematic shots, that are then weaved together by the editor with songs and his own creativity to the final video. The duration of a candid video can range anywhere between 4-10 minutes depending on the events that take place.

Wedding Film:

Weddings films are slowly getting more limelight in the world of wedding photography and videography. They are an updated version of candid videography. The idea of wedding films is to convey your wedding just like a film. So it will have a story to tell. The stories can be the love story of the couple, or the story of the wedding in itself -- how the preparations were, what happened, key moments, heartwarming interviews of the couple, family and friends.

Wedding films are a mix of creative and documentative approach. It focuses on documenting your wedding as candidly as possible and doing so with a creative touch to it.

There are different variants to story tell in a wedding film:

  • Wedding films that depict a story with interviews, live audio and music.

  • Wedding films that depict a story with live audio and music.

  • Or wedding films with music. (More or less similar to a candid video)

There can be many other variants and it all solely depends on the skill sets, passion and love that the wedding videographers that you hire have for the craft and also how well the both of you can co-create a beautiful film. Wedding films range from 8 minutes to more than an hour if required. It all depends on the kind of film you’d like to receive from your service provider and the budget you can allocate for it.

Choose wisely

We hope that the above explained approaches to wedding photography would have given an idea for you to know which one is your cup of tea. Weddings are a display of pure love and bliss. There is magic to it and the essence of that magic is etched forever by the photographers and the videographers you choose. Regardless of what approach you’d like to have for your wedding, communication with your wedding photographers is the most important factor, that will help you to co-create memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. It is important to choose a team who is passionate and will work their hearts out to give you an unforgettable memory of your wedding.

Talking about a passionate team, look no further. Write to us or contact us for any queries. Stay safe and happy choosing.

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