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L'amour entre les âmes!

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Little did we know that we will be a part of this beautiful love story while documenting our dear well-wisher’s Shastiapthapoorthi. It’s a function that every photographer feels blessed to be a part of and documenting those memories that speak volumes. That’s where we met our bride Smrithi, who was all set to marry the love of her life Siva. It was a love that sparked during college days and they just match each other perfectly.

We began the journey with them with an outdoor session in Chennai and that’s when we got the opportunity to get to know Smrithi and Siva well. They made it impossible to not warm up with them sooner, they were ever smiling and brought up new things to discuss as we shot. Smrithi is someone who is ever cheerful and has a very lovable nature. Siva's extremely calm and easy-going nature made them the perfect couple. As they shared their story with us for the wedding film, we just couldn’t stop but adore both of them as they narrated it. It was like they both shared an invisible thread with each other and they were destined to be together, forever.

Family is the key ingredient for a soulful wedding. The love from their families creates an atmosphere around the stage that is just magical to be a part of. As Siva tied the knot, that invisible thread now came to light and it was a beautiful moment to chronicle as their families and friends blessed them with all their hearts. The Nalangu that followed was filled with melodious singing and frolic, among their lovely family. Smrithi and Siva showed us that love is taking steps together at every aspect of life and being a pillar of strength through it all.

- Ela

Weddin film: @kavin_ganesh, Hayagreev

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