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A celebration to remember!

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

One ceremony that we would never forget from Nihal and Adnan’s wedding is their beautiful Mehendi. The moment when both families got together and Nihal’s sister was orchestrating a fun filled, love demand to the groom’s side to truly let her sister go, it was something we as a team enjoyed being a part of and documenting it for them. 100 USD was then finally her scoop for an honest day’s work.

Weddings are weddings regardless of the different styles and customs, it’s the only place on earth where everything comes together. Love, family, friends, food, blessings, spi-ritual and magic. Nihal and Adnan’s wedding was a lovely affair to have been a part of and make their special day timeless for them. We’re grateful for the space you provided to let us be a part of your love filled wedding.

- Ela

Wedding film: Jayanthan, Hayagreev

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