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Updated: Jun 12, 2021

This is a blog that we were looking forward to write. Wedding photography has evolved over the years and the approach to it has also changed drastically. The one aspect that makes a big difference is the relationship between the photographers and the couple/ the family. Before we document a wedding, we make it a point to get to know the couple better and the kind of poses/colors/locations they prefer. That way on their special day, we co-create their memories for them. It is never our version of their story, it is always their version of their story.

When we met Nelson and Debora, we instantly felt the love that surrounded them. We knew that the journey we were going to embark on with them will be an unforgettable one for us. Nelson is this vibrant and the most joyous person, who has so much love for Debora, that we can’t take our eyes off them when they’re together. Debora is the silent one who cares for others so deeply and the love she has for Nelson is so radiating that words fail to express. In no time, we were working as a team. We discussed the events, the photographs they’d like to have, interviews for their wedding film and the plan of action. They discussed with us about the decorations for the stage, the colors of their suits and dresses so that they come out well in the photographs, about shooting inside the church and we were all set for their big day.

We reached Villupuram in the morning and we made our way straight to Nelson’s house to shoot some portraits. Not only did we get some portraits, but we were also warmly welcomed by their family wholeheartedly and suddenly that notion of photographers disappeared. A level of closeness simply makes us feel grateful to be doing what we love to do. The engagement that happened just before the wedding, showed us how family meant the world to both of them. So much so that it was hard to tell who was family and who were friends in the gathering.

The wedding took place in a church filled with not more than 150 people. The showstopper most definitely had to be Debora as she walked into the chapel elegantly wearing her white gown. It was a beautiful moment for us to capture. It was heart-warming to see how both of them were smiling their hearts out. The reception was a simple affair with people turning up to wish the newlyweds and it ended on a high as the couple danced with their friends to many beats.

In just a couple of weeks’ time, we teamed up yet again. This time, for their outdoor session in Kodaikanal. The child-like love they had for each other was so moving for us to witness and photographing them was such a pleasure. When a couple is open to ideas, there’s a high that makes us want to shoot the best portraits for them. We explored more than five places and had an unforgettable experience capturing timeless memories for them. Every couple is unique and every wedding has its own story, we’re so happy that we had an opportunity to be a part of their beautiful story. We certainly cannot forget the love that was shown to us by them and their families, we were moved beyond words.

- Ela

Wedding film: @kavin_ganesh, Siranjive

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