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Pooh Weds Saba!

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

If there is one thing that we wouldn’t forget about the lockdowns, it is definitely documenting Pooja and Sabarish’s wedding. A wedding that was supposed to happen in June, with all the drama of restrictions and extended lockdowns, finally was all set to happen in August. Locked down, quarantined, intimate and love filled.

We have to be honest in saying that documenting weddings during the lockdown was a new experience and had its own challenges. What we loved was how Pooja collaborated with us, worked our way through as a team, cities apart. Never would we have imagined discussing about the lockdown updates in Chennai and Mumbai, quarantine rules during travel, the restrictions on guest count and what not!? Well through all those uncertainties, both of us were certain about making this wedding a special one.

The vibrantly cheerful and the beautiful vibe that Pooja sets off was a perfect alchemy to Sabarish’s calm and radiant nature. We are grateful beyond words to have met and been amidst the lovely families at the wedding. Love, laughter, tears, conversations, rituals, prayers, loved ones, memories and magic, no wonder why weddings are the most beautiful celebration of life. This couple’s celebration was beyond beautiful, it was soulful!

The pandemic was still prevalent and what a world of difference it had done to weddings. Masks and sanitizers taking the spotlight amidst other important wedding trinkets and rituals. Oh and here’s what we’ve witnessed, although many loved ones weren’t able to be a part of the celebration physically, nothing stopped them from sending all their love and blessing to the couple virtually. How a wedding happens may have changed, but the essence of a wedding will remain eternal.

The wedding for us personally was emotional and unique because of the bond that we shared with the lovely couple and their families. We always feel grateful when we work with clients who see us as their friends more than a photographer. It gives us a close access to understand our couple and their families, and that responsibility makes our work that much more sacred and love filled. Thank you Pooh and Saba for giving us a space to be a part of your lovely journey and to make it timeless for you.

- Ela

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