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Soul-full Love!

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

This has got to be one of the sweetest wedding that we have ever documented. Thejaswi and Suneel’s was our first Telugu wedding and what a great story it was to be a part of. I think we have emphasized on the importance of being close with the couple and their family and we were so grateful to be among lovely people. The kind of support and love we got from them during their engagement shoot wanted us to give them an unforgettable experience during their wedding.

Suneel and Thejaswi are so alike, they are silent in nature and had an aura of peace around them. Both of them have this infectious smile that would make anyone adore them. Working with them was so delightful and we couldn’t help but to be in awe looking at them together. The team split into two to cover Pellikoduku and Pellikuthuru happening in two different location and it was an absolute fun to capture the water splashing that made everyone exhilarated.

In every wedding we document, we notice how the family’s unconditional love for their sons or daughters is the important aspect that binds everything together. In this wedding, we were overwhelmed by looking at how the families orchestrated the wedding so beautifully for them. A special mention to the Panditji who didn’t make the rituals boring, he made the couple and the families enjoy them with so much fun. When it was time, Thejaswi and Suneel were seen smiling their hearts out as they tied the knot once and for all. A new journey began for them as they were blessed wholeheartedly by their families and friends. A day after back, in the office, the impact that their wedding had on us was such that all of us were in a state of bliss. Thank you Suneel and Thejaswi for letting us in on your journey and uplifting our spirits.

- Ela

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