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Wedding, Intimate!

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

It was time again for us to journey along with a lovely couple who got hitched and once and for all. The entire groom army made their way down south to solemnize Aiswarya and Vikas’s heartwarming wedding, and curtail the miles between them. Music, family, friends, booze and mehendi artists were all that took to turn a hotel room into an exuberant mehendi party, and you can bet that we had an amazing time documenting those memories for them. Family like friends and friends like family, we were awed by everyone’s zeal during the ceremonies. Unlike a typical wedding where many people show up to bless the couple, this was rather unique. It was more like an intimate wedding where only close family and friends were present. Here’s the part that we look forward to in any wedding, the moment when the couple gaze into each other’s eyes moments before the groom ties the knot. That vibrant sacred space is filled with laughter, tears, happiness and love; and we are grateful to be in that space and capture those memories for them, forever. Vikas and Aiswarya’s wedding was nothing short of absolute celebration of love.

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