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Wedding Photography For An Intimate Wedding!

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

It’s one of those testing times in history that we are all living through. We are journeying along with the pandemic until it’s desired destination is reached. In the meantime, it has changed the world like never before. An invisible virus has locked us at homes and helped mother earth to heal. The virus has taught us to be there for our loved ones and be empathetic for each and every person. Interestingly it has also changed the way we look at weddings.

Weddings usually were packed with people who came to bless the couple and congratulate the couple to the new phase of life that they are entering together blissfully. Weddings were filled with music, dance and amazing food. Weddings were filled with family members and loved ones being there for the couple and traversing through the wide range of emotions that unfolds. Weddings were a carnival that was unforgettable. Weddings are and always will be unforgettable for the couple and their families till eternity. It doesn’t matter if we’re living through a pandemic, love always prevails and will find the silver lining.

Until the government allows large gatherings to happen and eases the restriction on the number of people that can be a part of a wedding, intimate weddings is the way to go. But does it create a drastic difference? Yes. The number of people being a part of your wedding scales down big time. Now, whether that’s a good thing or not, is up to you to ponder upon. So, a few couples may decide to postpone their weddings to next year, so that they can invite all their friends and family home bound and abroad to be a part of their important day. Or some couples might like the idea of getting wedded at their home or in a mandap with a small number of people to witness the magic.

How this magic gets documented has also drastically changed in the wedding photography world. Photographers who were never accustomed to the idea of an intimate wedding, are now documenting and creating beautiful stories. An intimate wedding gives the couple and their families a story that will be spoken about for decades to come, and that being the case it is essential that the couple and the wedding photographers are on the same page.

Before blocking dates with your wedding photographer and wedding filmers, here are a few pointers to keep in mind for an intimate wedding:

Less the crowd, more candid it gets:

When the number of people are less, the chances are that you are not going to be lost amidst the huge number of people that usually gather pre-pandemic, nor is your family going to be so busy with greeting and welcoming everyone. The intimate wedding is a chance for you to sit at the sacred space relaxed and thoroughly enjoying the rituals with your loved ones. This makes it interesting for the photographers present to capture candid moments in your element. The stories that your wedding photographers document for you would be nothing short of pure bliss.

‘Should I opt for traditional videography or for a wedding film (candid video)?’

We are sure that many of you would even contemplate whether you require a videography service at all since it’s happening on such a small scale. There’s no right or wrong to it. However if you do decide to go for it, then it’s important to know whether you’d like a conventional approach or a creative approach to your documented memory. If you prefer both, that's brilliant.

A conventional approach (i.e, traditional video) will have everything documented right from the beginning. No significant moment would be missed, and anytime you’d like to sit and watch the entire wedding from the beginning with your family sometime later, it does the job well.

A creative approach through a wedding film service gives you a shorter and a more intimate touch to your wedding. Every wedding is a story, and what better way than to document your story with heartwarming interviews from your family and friends that weaves your film beautifully. Your wedding film is a time capsule, that no matter how many years later you view it, it instantly takes you back to your wedding.

More time for portraits, yay!

The icing on the cake in every wedding has got to be the portraits that a couple receives from their wedding photographers. We all know how sometimes time could be a huge constraint for the portrait session. However, during an intimate wedding during the lock down, it gives you a chance to spend more time with your photographers to create some aesthetically beautiful portraits that will last a lifetime. If you want some really out of the box photos, now is the perfect time to talk to your photographers and co-create some amazing portraits.

And finally, the budget!

‘Should I really have to spend so much money for photography during this time?’ is a common question that can arise. We think that when you’d like to hire the best wedding photographers in Chennai or any city for that instance, clarity on what services you require and having good communication with the photographers that you’re interested to book is the key. If you are fixed on booking one particular team regardless of the price, that is excellent. If the budget is a deciding factor, then do explore different wedding photography companies and choose your right fit. We also would like to bring to your awareness that most of the wedding photography companies are now offering optimized wedding packages for a Covid wedding. (a 50 member wedding)

We hope that these pointers give you an idea on the kind of services that you’d like to have from your wedding photographers for your intimate wedding. Do write to us if you have any queries or would like to know any other information. Stay safe and practice social distancing. Also, if you are a little more curious about the best wedding photographers we were talking about earlier, you can write to us here!

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