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Magic in a Fortnight

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

If we’re honest, we have no idea how the two days ran by. It was a wedding that seemed like only family members were part of. Or maybe we felt like we were a part of them and the tag of photographers seemed invisible. That is something that we as wedding photographers try to achieve, for the couple and their family to look at us as family. When we met Ram at one of our client’s wedding showing interest towards our work, something told us it was going to be nothing short of that.

Acquaintances to falling in love in just 14 days. A story that just dumbfounded us. We couldn’t help but be genuinely in awe hearing them talk about their story. Weddings are unique, and Brahmin weddings have their own flair with a few extra rituals that adds to the vibrancy. As we were documenting Viratham and Engagement, it just felt like we were in a movie watching Ram and Abi exchanging looks every now and then communicating in their own language. The chemistry between them was lovely.

What’s more important during reception than group photos with the couple? It has got to be the dance. It was a delight to see family members of all ages dancing their hearts out and making the couple move to a few songs as well. After having our time with the couple for a portrait session, we decided to do something for the wedding film. We had them dance in an open terrace at 12 am, and it was absolutely amazing to see them both sway so beautifully.

Love was in the air the following day and as Abi sat on her father’s lap looking up at Ram to make this marriage official. A drop of tear rolled down her eyes and as Ram tied the knots, it was a moment for the ages to come. Love and ecstasy was in the air, with the family moved to tears on many occasions. We were grateful to be a part of something that means the world to someone.

During the Covid-19 lock down, we got an opportunity to experiment on a Facetime shoot with Ram and Abi, and it was a very unique path-breaking approach to what we do best, creating memories for a lifetime. It was a fun-filled session for both alike.

Ram and Abi’s wedding story was nothing short of a pinnacle of love and happiness. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of their special day among beautiful families. Here are a few memoirs from their wedding.

- Ela

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