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P.S I Love You

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

I can vouch on behalf of my team that this wedding was one of the most fun and euphoric weddings that we’d been a part of. The image of a foreign tourist inside a tuk tuk, screaming ‘congratulations’ at the top of her voice to Prasanth and Sneha as we were walking down the streets of Pondicherry, will forever be etched in our minds. Both of them share a love so fond and vibrant that it is irresistible to not admire them.

Oh and guess what, turns out that Prasanth was our senior in college and it was a pleasant surprise to have found out during our initial meeting at the office. If there’s one thing that we witnessed all throughout the four days of their wedding, it was love. It was in abundance wherever we turned. Prasanth’s side from Chennai, family and friends from Sneha’s side who had travelled from Mumbai to make this wedding special, together created this atmosphere filled with immense love and joy. It’s always a treat to watch two cultures fuse, and their love made it all the more colorful and special!

With a lot of laughter, tears and love this wedding has turned into an everlasting sweet memory for us. A million thanks to Sneha and Prasanth who believed in us and brought us on board to capture their special day. If weddings are a match made in heaven, then we wedding photographers documenting it are really blessed and grateful.

- Ela

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